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What is the path to follow to end up in this “world”, the holy of holies, where people make a living from their common passion: video games? In 30 years only, video game evolved from a hobby to one of the biggest entertainment industry.

This extraordinary growth can only be sustained by bringing new highly specialized professionals on the labour market. If you want to enter that extremely competitive field, you will have to be highly qualified because the complex technologies used in this sector need a specialized training more than ever.

Thanks to partnerships with key companies in the video games industry such as Sony Computer Entertainment and the availability of exclusive material (developing systems and professional engine such as the Playstation®4), the video games programme offers you to develop cutting-edge skills in the most promising fields of this industry. This programme takes place in a teaching environment similar to what the candidates will find later in the industry.

The teaching team is composed of teachers coming from the video games industry and working actively in the sector. Indeed we want to offer a programme that is on the cutting edge of market trends. This way, we ensure our graduated students that they will be ready to face the most recent technologies required for the job.

Before pressing Start, select your game mode! 3 possibilities:


Game art allows you to design graphical resources for video games such as environments, objects, characters or creatures.
Beyond the visual aspect, technical constraints are important since you have to create something beautiful and at the same time include these elements in a functional project, following the required criteria in terms of performance and quality on the target platforms.


If a video games does not tell a story, it’s because a video game creates an interactive experience in which the designer is playing a role. Instead of working on a single animation, a single atmosphere, the animator creates several animations, actions, facial expressions that will mix up and give birth to this interactive experience. The technical fields called rigging (the action of binding a model to a skeleton and of creating the mechanisms that allow you to animate it) and the further integration in the game (triggering and mixing up the animations) are studied in depth.


The programming languages that are used in the video game industry are specific. On the one hand, you need to use the maximal capacities of the material so it means that the developer has to use languages that are very close to the internal operating of video consoles. On the other hand the vital flexibility that is required in order to proceed to frequent modifications of the game behaviour involves “scripting” languages which combine a flexible and powerful syntax and an efficient execution. In order to develop those aspects, we offer you to learn by doing, carrying out prototypes on consoles and on mobile phones.

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