Graphic communication


The morning newspaper, the baker’s croissant bag, the milk can, the novel on the table, the email, the banker’s business card, the concert poster, the cinema tickets, the movie credits, the music video, the album cover, the picture in a magazine, the advertisement on the bus stop, the packaging of your new sneakers, the decorations on the pub’s walls, your screen wallpaper, the design of the online shopping website, the last app on your smartphone, the bag of your favourite clothes shop, the logo on the plane, the surfboard, your new sweatshirt tag…

All these objects were handled by a graphics artist.

Every minute of our lives, we look at and we identify brands, messages or images. The mission of a graphic artist is to turn an ordinary objet into a catchy one. His/her vision helps the world communicate. As long as we use products, share messages, work in companies or organisations, graphics artists will be needed.

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