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Learn how to read, write and communicate on a screen.

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You, Digital Native, descendant of the postmodern man, you will be followed by a Mobile Native. From one screen to another, in your pocket, on your bedroom desk, you are the User, you surf on websites, you socialize through apps, and you send messages.

You do this without even thinking, naturally.

Is this THAT natural? Are the user interfaces you use influencing your behaviour?

Do your interactions allow you to reach your objectives or are these the apps’ objectives?

We offer you to learn to think so the Other can interact without doubting the efficiency of their actions, to learn how to develop User Experiences, for the Other.

You will be that Unicorn which shapes a message, a service, following a technique in order to produce an effect, an experience. The shape will be obtained by searching words and by the creation of a graphic language; the technique used will be based on the interaction of today and Tomorrows ; the effect, the experience will be obtained by the relationship between the goal to achieve and the proposed Possibilities.

In other words, Design.

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